Change of speaker

Due to very unfortunate personal circumstances, Engin Kurutepe had to cancel his talk. However, a replacement was found in Tobias Conradi:

  • Tobias Conradi

    Tobias Conradi Tobias Conradi studies Computer Science and Engineering at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). Besides studying he works as an iOS software developer at an Hamburg based mobile app agency.


See you all on Wednesday!

What is this?

After getting the rejection e-mail for the Tech Talks I asked around on Twitter: anybody in for AltTechTalks? And here we are. This event will be the day before the actual Tech Talks, so that everybody can attend: people with and without invites.



Who's behind this?

Chris EidhofChris Eidhof is an iOS developer who’s been building iOS apps since the first public release of the SDK. He co-founded and UIKonf and spends the rest of his time freelancing.